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Nürburgring TA map mod 0.3.4


Mar 9, 2024

Gear up for the ultimate test of driving skill! The legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife, "The Green Hell" itself, is now available to conquer in FR Legends thanks to the amazing modding community. Take your favorite car for a spin on this challenging 20.8-kilometer beast, filled with twists, climbs, and descents that will push you to the limit. But that's not all! This map comes with two physics options: grip it and rip it with the new Time Attack (TA) grip physics that keeps your car glued to the track even in the tightest corners, or test your pure driving skills with the normal physics. Huge thanks to @someone_frl and @RokasRX for making this epic experience possible! It's time to tame the Green Hell in FR Legends!

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