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BMW E90 330I mod 0.3.4


Dec 19, 2023

The BMW E90 330i mod for FR Legends is a popular choice for drifters who want a powerful and well-rounded car. The 3.0L straight-six engine makes 255 horsepower in stock form, but with mods, it can be pushed to over 400 horsepower. The E90 also has a good weight distribution and a relatively stiff suspension, which makes it ideal for drifting. The mod comes with a variety of customization options, so you can tailor the car to your own driving style. Overall, the BMW E90 330i mod is a great choice for FR Legends players who are looking for a powerful and versatile drift car.

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19 de fev.

Voiko tulla uus BMW mä oon kyllästynyt siihen kämäseen BMW E30 mää halun tän miks mä en osaa laittaa muutkin haluaa tän bmw Voiko maksaa 34529 Euroo ?


12 de fev.