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bigwhl rimpack mod 0.3.4


Apr 17, 2024

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Bigwhl Rimpack - Expand Your Garage with Fresh Fits!

Take your FR Legends customization to the next level with the Bigwhl Rimpack mod. This extensive pack adds a massive collection of iconic wheels to your arsenal, letting you outfit your rides with legendary styles.

Here's a taste of what you get with Bigwhl Rimpack:

  • Classic JDM: Show off your Japanese tuning heritage with timeless options like the Advan RG2, RGD, and Nissan's OEM wheels paired with Advan Oni and RG for that perfect blend of performance and prestige.

  • European Elegance: Go for a sophisticated European look with the BMW 66 and 68 style wheels wrapped in Advan RS and AVS T7R.

  • Timeless Spoke Designs:  Spoke enthusiasts will love the AVS Model 5 rocking the legendary BBS RS look.

  • Modern Mesh Masters: Add a touch of modern aggression with the Work Emotion XT7 paired with Blitz BRW03 or the Work Vs-kf complemented by SSR Minerva.

  • JDM Racing Legacy: Equip your Nissan with iconic racing wheels like the Cosmis on the BNR34 or the Watanabe RS sported by the Buddy Club P1 Racing.

  • Volk Perfection: No wheel collection is complete without the timeless Rays brand. Bigwhl Rimpack features the Gram Lights 57 Maximum with Rays CE28, the classic AVS Model 6 with Rays G25, and the ever-popular Volk TE37.

  • More Options Await:  This description just scratches the surface! Bigwhl Rimpack includes a vast selection of additional wheels from brands like AVS, SSR, Work, and VSP, ensuring you'll find the perfect fit for any build.

With Bigwhl Rimpack, the only limit is your imagination. Whether you're a JDM purist, a Euro enthusiast, or a fan of timeless classics, this mod has everything you need to take your FR Legends garage to the next level.

Comments (28)

May 16

laurel c35 pls


May 10

Laurel c35 PLS


May 04

Está acontecendo um bug, a roda não fica com os aros, espero que concertem isso.


Infiniti G35 remasterizado porfavor y con realzize


Apr 26


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