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Realistic modpack 0.3.4


April 20, 2024

Rev your engine for a realistic drift experience with the Realistic Modpack 0.3.4 for FR Legends!

This modpack brings your FR Legends experience closer to the real world with a collection of immersive enhancements:

  • Feel the roar:  The 1JZ Engine Sound mod swaps the stock sounds with the iconic growl of the legendary 1JZ engine, adding a throaty realism to every gear shift and rev.

  • Dominate the mountain:  The real size cars mod removes the cartoony look and makes your car feel properly proportioned, enhancing the feeling of control as you drift the tight corners of Akina.

  • Roll in style:  The better wheels mod ditches the basic stock rims and lets you outfit your car with more detailed and visually appealing wheels, adding a touch of personalization to your drift machine.

  • Conquer the touge:  The Akina map mod throws you onto the legendary mountain pass from Initial D. Experience the iconic corners and elevation changes in a familiar and thrilling environment.

This combination of mods aims to transform FR Legends from a fun drifting game to a more immersive and realistic simulation of the drifting scene. Get ready to feel the weight of your car, hear the authentic engine roar, and conquer the legendary Akina with the Realistic Modpack 0.3.4!

Comments (28)

Добавьте тоге ле-ман и мазду 787 б


İ need akina maps TA İn this pack


May 06

Doesn't work on my Samsung S24 Ultra with android version 14. I get this error: "App not installed as app isn't compatible with your phone."

The Better Wheels mod 0.3.4 apk file I downloaded months ago from frlmods works fine though. Some older modded apk files still work too🤔


how do i download this into my game


May 01

Uygulama yüklenmedi hatası alıyorum

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