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0.3.4 Modpack 2


February 2, 2024

Take your FR Legends experience to the next level with this epic 0.3.4 modpack 2!

This pack includes everything you need to create the ultimate drifting machine and dominate the streets of Fukuoka Expressway. With a new map, powerful cars, customizable parts, and visual enhancements, you'll be shredding tires and turning heads in no time.

Here's what's included in the pack:

  • Fukuoka Expressway map mod: Get ready to drift some of Japan's most iconic highway roads. This map mod adds a new challenge to your game with its tight corners, sweeping curves, and elevation changes.

  • Mazda RX8 mod: This legendary rotary-powered sports car is a dream to drift. With its unique handling and powerful engine, the RX8 will let you lay down some serious smoke.

  • Nissan Skyline GT-R Hakosuka mod: A true Japanese classic, the Hakosuka is a timeless drift machine. This mod brings this iconic car to FR Legends, complete with its distinctive style and performance.

  • Audi A5 mod: Expand your horizons with the Audi A5, a powerful and stylish European sports car. This mod proves that drifting isn't just for Japanese cars!

  • RX7 Adjustable hood mod: Take your customization to the next level with this mod, which lets you adjust the angle of your RX7's hood. Perfect for creating a truly unique look for your car.

  • Gunsai retexture mod: This mod gives the game a more realistic and immersive look by retexturing the environment with high-quality textures.

  • Better wheels mod: The Better Wheels mod for FR Legends is here to polish your garage! Say goodbye to low-poly eyesores and hello to stunning high-resolution rims.

  • 890 engine mod: Crank up the power with this engine mod, which gives your car a massive 890 horsepower boost. Get ready to shred tires and melt asphalt!

With all of these amazing mods, the 0.3.4 modpack 2 is the perfect way to take your game to the next level. Download it today and start drifting!

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