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RallyBacker Kit Ver.2

GT86 Base


February 15, 2024

000200000000034E034E005A87182EFF0001 FFFF002B028D004400440000FFFFFFFF010D FFFF0000000000640064005AFFFFFFFF0101 < FFFF0000033700440044005AFFFFFFFF0509 FFFF02B20189004400440000FFFFFFFF050B FFFF02C0FE04004400440000FFFFFFFF050B FFFF0000000000640064005AFFFFFFFF0501 FFFF0000FD0300440044FFA6FFFFFFFF0509 > FFFF0000000000640064005A000000FF0001 < FFFF0000032F00440044005AFFFFFFFF0509 FFFF02CAFF0D004400440000FFFFFFFF050B FFFF02B902B7004400440000FFFFFFFF050B FFFFFE5103230008001B0065FFFFFF96050B FFFF0000FCCB00440044FF4CFFFFFFFF0509 > FFFFFCE800000024003600B400000064000D FFFF02DF000000240036000000000064000D FFFF02DC0000002400360000C9C9C9FF000D FFFFFCEB000000240036FF4CD9D9D9FF000D FFFF010002E3004400440000FFFFFFFF0005 FFFF0000000000640064005A000000C80001 < FFFF01A7035100440044FFA6FFFFFFFF0003 FFFF026801B6004400440000FFFFFFFF000B FFFF0243FD9800440044FFA6FFFFFFFF000B > FFFF00000000006400640000BEBEBEFF0001 < FFFFFCAE01A7004400440000FFFFFFFF000D FFFFFE4A026900440044005AFFFFFFFF000D FFFF02680245004400440000FFFFFFFF000D >

Get ready to transform your 2017 GT86 with the iconic 2017 RallyBacker Kit livery code. This code adds the aggressive front bumper, side skirts, and rear diffuser, giving your virtual car a head-turning rally-inspired look. While there is no option for a separate code or a trunk spoiler, the kit still delivers a distinct aesthetic upgrade for your digital drift machine.

But wait, there's more! Show some love to the talented creator behind this amazing livery. Head over to Instagram and follow @rchdawn – the mastermind who brought this rally dream to life in the digital realm.

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