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FR Legends mods are modified versions of the popular mobile drifting game, often offering features like unlimited money, new cars, and new tracks beyond what's available in the base game.

livery codes

FR Legends livery codes unlocks pre-designed car appearances called "liveries" with cool paint jobs, logos, and decals. Just copy and paste the code in-game, and voila, your car gets a sweet makeover!


FR Legends modpacks take things a step further, bundling multiple individual mods together for a more comprehensive experience. These can include cars, custom tracks, and other visual mods.


Join the vibrant community on our forum page! Connect with fellow fr legends enthusiasts, share your creations, troubleshoot issues, and learn from the best.


FAQ page provides answers to some of the most common questions we receive about FR Legends mods, modpacks, and livery codes.

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